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Mountain Man Gold Machines is committed to quality products, technology & service that enhance the placer mining experience and vastly improve fine micron gold recovery.

“We provide the product, nature provides the backdrop, you provide the adventure”

John Carson


Hope Smith


Mountain Man Gold Machines’ signature Highbanker, The Gold Thief™ with dual patent technology is available exclusively through our company.  Please contact us for further information or to order.

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The Gold Thief™”

Patents # 2855395  & 9375726

A different approach with patented technology

This machine has two unique patent design features. The first is in the Gold Indicator. This feature assists you to determine where the gold is in the gravel bar, and, how to stay there. The indicator helps you read how much is in each shovel of material. 

The second part of this patented technology is the magnetic wheel. 

Traditionally, (for easier clean up) you would have to take the magnetite out of your concentrates at the end.

The Gold Thief ™ actually pulls the magnetite out of the slurry prior to the sluice box. This provides better classification & higher recovery of fine gold.

Lucritive results

The result of this duo patented technology is simplicity at its finest.

The gold indicator keeps you in the pay seam, and the magnetic wheel provides a unique step in classification.

The Gold Thief ™ is light weight, portable, and easy to set up. Therefore you move the machine to the material not the material to the machine.

This combination results in more gold for less work. It is highly effective and efficient and makes the placer mining experience a win win situation.

Dedicated to Quality

Not only is placer mining a great outdoor adventure, it’s also a family friendly hobby for everyone to enjoy. Our dedication to quality is in the machines of course, but also in the goal of creating adventures and memories with family and friends through mining.

Our machines are built with ease of use in mind. They are compact, lightweight and are fully adjustable to meet each situation on your adventure.