The Gold Thief™

Instruction Manual

Let’s get set up!

1. When you have chosen your location, you can level your machine easily with the two-spirit levels on the top corner of the machine. You can use flat rocks under the skids to level off the machine.
2. Prime your water pump and get it started.
3. Raise the hopper, which is located at the back end of the hopper, to 777 inches on the scale -which is a good starting point. You can raise it to speed up the feed or lower it to slow the feed. After the screening process, the fine sands run over the magnetic wheel to pull the magnetite out of the slurry before it hits the sluice box. This results in better classification with less heavy sands in the sluice box. The revolving magnet pulls the magnetite out of the slurry and is cleaned off and driven by the spray bar. The spray bar and the water pressure are fully adjustable to speed up or slow down the magnet to pull out the maximum amount of magnetite. There is also a soft wash flexible hose to rinse any gold that may be trapped in the magnetite. This is meant to be set to a gentle wash to release the gold into the sluice but not the magnetite. It will take time to learn this process, but it will improve recovery.
4. Now you can adjust the two spray bars on the hopper. You want them to cut into the material slowly so you will get as even a feed as possible through the machine. An even feed is very important for good gold recovery. You don’t want your material to surge and then run empty.
5. Once you are set up, you can adjust the slope or water in the hopper to match one or two people shoveling. Periodically check your gold indicator in between shovels to see how much gold is in the material you are running. After time you’ll get used to reading the indicator for gold values. It will tell you if the gold is down deep, or just on the surface and if you’re still in the pay streak. You’ll be able to see the gold specs on the indicator strip however, they should keep moving so you can get a proper reading with each shovel of material. After running materials for a while, check the sluice to make sure it’s not packing in behind the riffles. If it is packed, you will lose gold. You want it to be cleaned out so that you can feel the miners moss, but not cleaned completely out. The sluice should hold some heavy sands. Don’t run your machine empty for too long because the gold will scour out of the riffles after time. The gold will not be shown in the miner’s moss because it will be deep in the matting. We have made the soft wash hose long enough that you can use it to fill up your tubs and clean your machine off.
6. When you’re finished roll out the hold-down bars to remove the expanded metal. Remove the first foot of the miner’s moss by rolling it up on the top of the sluice. This will be a good indicator of the gold you have. Once you have the matting rolled up you, can wash it out in your gold pan easily. Pan down the concentrates from the first mat into a bucket. Remove the rest of the matting and clean all of the gold out of your sluice box with a gentle wash. Now you’ll get to see your results!
7. You can turn up the water and completely wash off your machine to get it ready for reassembly. Take out the screen and clean it by turning out the hold-down bars and removing them. Take a small rock to tap out any pebbles that may be stuck on the screen. This can be cleaned once a day or as needed. Reassemble by turning the flat bar underneath the rubber rings. You can install the angle iron at the top of the sluice box by pushing it under the rubber rings. Now replace the miners moss and the expanded metal and roll the flat bar hold-downs under the rubber rings. Disconnect the quick coupler on the water hose and adjust the hopper flat. Remove the magnetic wheel from its post so that you don’t lose or bend it. Now you can clip your backpack straps onto the chain loops that are attached to the frame. It can be worn as a backpack-style or slung over your single shoulder.

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