Gold Thief

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The Gold Thief™ is a compact highbanker that will allow you to vastly improve fine micron gold recovery with its patented technology. It comes with over-the-shoulder straps for hands-free transport. This user-friendly system is simple to set up & take down.

Machine Specifications: The Gold Thief Highbanker comes stock with a 1/8″ screen.

  • Length 50″
  • Width 19″
  • Height 22″
  • Weight 30 lbs

Roughly the same weight as a 24 pack of beer or water!

*Back straps weight limit is 40 pounds max

1-1/2″ water pump and hoses required for operation (not included)

Please call to arrange pick up or alternate shipping.

The Gold Thief Highbanker is available now!

In stock (can be backordered)



The Gold Thiefuses patented technology to classify the slurry, as much as possible, before it hits the sluice box for final separation.

This machine has two unique patent design features. The first is in the Gold Indicator. This feature assists you to determine where the gold is in the gravel bar, and, how to stay there. The indicator in fact helps you read how much is in each shovel of material.

The second part of this patented technology is the magnetic wheel.

Traditionally, for easier clean-up, you would have to take the magnetite out of your concentrates at the end.

The Gold Thief™ actually pulls the magnetite out of the slurry prior to the sluice box. This provides better classification & higher recovery of fine gold.

The Gold Thief comes stock with a 1/8″ screen and can process 2 ½ yards of gravel an hour!

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 19 × 18 in


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